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Our Irrigation Division is anchored by superintendents that have over 45 years combined irrigation experience. We service and install systems for residential, commercial and industrial accounts, and there are several customers where we monitor flow from our office with a remote software program. This option gives us the ability to ensure the system is operating properly from the convenience of our office and detect any malfunctions before damage is done to your landscape or turf.

If conserving water isn’t reason enough for you to install and maintain a properly working irrigation system, think of the simplicity it adds to your life and the value it adds to your lawn or property:

Are you standing in your yard watching your above-ground sprinkler?
Are you watering the house? The fence? The big rock in the front yard?
Do you keep an eye on the clock and interrupt what you’re doing every 8 minutes to move the above-ground sprinkler?

The benefits of an automatic sprinkler or irrigation system:

  • It’s on an automatic timer. You don’t have to be home to turn it on.
  • Our water professional audit will determine your zones and the proper watering required for each zone so you’re not wasting water.
  • A professionally-designed sprinkler system will reduce runoff, keeping your water and seeding where it should be.
  • Most systems come with a rain sensor so it won’t turn on when it’s raining.

Contact Turf Masters Lawn Care Inc. today to discuss how we can save you time while providing a much lower-maintenance lawn.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Water audit
  • Design planning
  • Installation
  • System seasonal start up
  • Winterization services
  • Backflow testing
  • Retrofitting with more efficient heads, rotors and nozzles
  • Drip irrigation maintenance
  • Emergency response

Will you benefit from a more direct watering application for your garden and trees? Ask us about drip irrigation!

“Turf Masters Lawn Care has done exceptional work for the Beau Rivage for 7 years. Not only is every inch of our property looking great, they have saved us time and money with their knowledge and experience in irrigation as well as turf and shrub management.”

Teresa Malone
Beau Rivage Casino - Assistant Director of Horticulture

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